the ride

This summer’s “Spinning to End Finning” bicycle trek is gearing up to go! On June 15 Mark DiMaggio and Devon Lambert will begin the 1,200 mile journey where we ended last summer, Louisville, Kentucky.  Our finish, if all goes as planned, will be around July 8 in Washington DC.  We learned a bit last summer, and this time will be going at a slower pace, only abut 60 miles per day.

Devon has prepared a slide presentation, which we hope to share with folks along the way.  Our overall goal is to both to share understanding of the plight of the world’s sharks, and it’s implications for the health of the world ocean, and to raise money to support Pretoma and ARCAE, two Costa Rican non-profit organizations who are actively working to end finning off Central America.

Please follow our blog! And thank you for helping safeguard these magnificent animals!


12 Responses to the ride

  1. Duncan says:

    Great initiative! Hope it goes well, and thank you for helping to bring this to the attention of more people.

  2. Luis Vargas says:


    When would this be?


  3. Nicole says:

    Wow Mr. D! You continue to inspire me everyday! Keep those wheels spinning!

  4. Mr. D says:

    Hey Nicole!
    It’s true…..I did get a droid. And I must say I feel like a droid myself when I “use” it! Actually, I’m starting to get the hang of it, but I wish I had known you were an expert because I do have a list of questions, but am running out of time to get them answered (I leave on Monday morning). My ultimate goal is to wear a spot in my jeans from carrying it in my pocket for years…
    I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Keep sending messages please!
    Best to you and your family,
    Mr. D

  5. Mo Ganoe says:

    I’m so proud of you Mark Would love to talk to you soon Mo
    P.S. Do you ever see the other Mark

  6. Lynnetta says:

    Hey Mr. D! I just heard about his from Colleen B. and am very excited for you. What a great thing to do. Don’t know if you remember me but I was in your class and club a little while back – I’m not going to name dates! I believe I was the first recipient of the “Lady of Luxury” award on SC island! You opened up the world of backpacking and hiking to me (though I didn’t make the Zion trip) and it is something I continue with my family today. Thanks for that!
    I will be watching your blog and sending good thoughts for a great trip and increased awareness.

  7. LLC says:

    Wonderful. I saw the movie and was horrified at finning. I support your cause and congratulate you on being motivated enough to DO something about it.

  8. Jim Robertson says:

    A great adventure this ride, and for a much needed cause. Mark, thanks again for all your help!


  9. Bob Isley says:

    Hey Mark. Way to go! Be safe out there my friend.

  10. Tina Judd says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you and your family today at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. What a gift of time and self to bring notice to your cause! GREAT JOB!
    Continue to make a difference and continue to inspire those with whom you come in contact! BEST WISHES! Tina, Welcome Center.

  11. Nick Brown says:


    You’re a huge inspiration. I stumbled upon your site while researching shark conservation. I too am a huge activist and supporter; having my eyes opened by Shark Water a few years back. After diving with these amazing creatures I will never look at the ocean the same. I’m a cyclist that lives in Lake Tahoe; if your journey happens to take you through these parts you have a place to crash and I would love to join you on a leg of you journey.


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