Mark DiMaggio | cyclist, conservationist, & teacher 

Gaylene Ewing communications director 805.674.9058


Devon Lambert | Student, environmentalist, Cyclist

feel free to contact us with your questions, ideas, and support! spinningtoendfinning@


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  1. John & Carlie Svinth says:

    Hi Mark! Happy birthday! Great to hear you are doing well. We are in San Diego following your progress. We are sending you lots of good energy and well wishes. John, Carlie, Curtis, Lindsay.

  2. Deb Littlefiled says:

    I am checking your blog every day and telling everyone I know about finning. GO MARK!!!!!

  3. Shannon!! says:

    deb littlefield? I think that’s my aunt.. anywho. Thanks for the shoutout. Just plastered Shell Beach with posters, hope all is well 🙂 I’ll keep checking back for updates and stuff. goooo Mr D! (ps – I miss sci)

  4. Devon Lambert says:

    Hey Mr. D! Been following your blog everyday! Sounds like your having a great time and meeting some great people! Keep up the great work! I’m glad someones finally spreading the word about this horrible act! Keep spinning!

  5. Deb Littlefiled says:

    Hi Mark, I just finished reading your blog today and I can just picture you spinning your way into Colorado! How cool to be meeting the people you you have met and seeing a beautiful part of our earth up close! Keep truckin’ !!!!!

  6. Carlie Svinth says:

    Hi Mark! We had Curtis’ birthday at San Simeon Cove tonight along with Sally, Xue and Marcus. The kids had a great time. Puzzle spent almost the entire time snuggled in a blanket or in Lindsay’s arms! Enjoying your blogs. We are all thinking of you and wishing you well. We check on you every night. We are off to the fair Wednesday with your family. Missing you lots. Love, Carlie, John, Curtis, Lindsay.

  7. Deb Littlefiled says:

    Congratulations Mark!!!! Your spinning has ended for now, but the journey for all of us to save the sharks has just begun, our world depends on us! We humans are all responsible to our Mother Earth, if you love life, take care of her! Thank you Mark, for making me aware of something that a month ago I knew nothing about.

    • Hi Deb! And thank you so much. You’re right, it really comes down to loving life, even if it has big teeth and breathes water. Hoping all is well with you,and stay on touch, OK? love to you, Mark

  8. Steve Cohn says:


    We met at the lunch break at Crowheart Wyoming. We were traveling west with our son who is doing the full continental crossing (currently passing through Graingeville, ID).

    Today I received an email from Change.Org to sign a petition to support a Senate bill banning finning in US waters (S. 850, the Shark Conservation Act). This is being supported by an organization, Oceana. The web site address for the petition is

    Good luck on your journey.

  9. Lulu Tseng says:

    I was watching shark week and was thinking of you! 🙂 Keep up the good work! I’m so proud of you! I’m glad you’ve met so many inspirational people and powerhouses! So happy that you have taken a step forward to better our world. We all need to follow your footsteps.

  10. Sophie Pierszalowski says:

    My parents just passed this link on to me last night. I have so much respect for what you’re doing and can’t wait to talk with you about it next Christmas. Safe travels and keep up the great work!

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