Back in the saddle!

After basically 5 days with almost no pedaling Mark and I woke up in Williamsburg this morning anxious to get on the road. We had an AMAZING host in Williamsburg, Roy Blackwell, who gave us food, our own rooms, and even a car to drive around, which we really couldn’t have done without! After a great breakfast we hit the road and started our journey North! This whole trip we have been following cycling specific maps, but today it was up to me to get us to our destination because we are now off the TransAm.

The ride today was our longest yet, 91 miles of mostly highway riding, but there was a shoulder pretty much the entire way so it was really not bad at all. After not riding for several days 90 miles came pretty easily, our legs felt fresh and it was really nice to be back in the saddle. Along the way we talked to a woman working in a convenient store, Clara, and after we told her about our campaign she donated the powerade we were buying, along with some money of her own. It really was a highlight of our day, talking to people like this, and seeing their reaction to finning really is what this ride is all about.

Tonight we are staying with another warm showers hosts, Peggy and Ted, who live on a 600 acre farm in the small small town of Hustle, VA. Finding the house proved to be quite the challenge since their driveway was over a mile long dirt road but once we found it we settled real nicely. Peggy made us an absolutely great stir fry dinner, and then the real adventure began. We went out on a golf cart with Ted and he showed us around the farm, we went to several different ponds, and even got in a canoe to check out a dam that was built in the 30s. Waking up this morning I would have never guessed that I would be in a canoe in the middle of a huge farm tonight. It was an absolute blast, and reminded me of my days spent in Mississippi on my families farm. The hospitality continues to amaze us here in Virginia, to a point where I’m not sure I want to leave.

Tomorrow is our last full day of pedaling on the ride, we are heading up to Prince Williams Forest Park, about 65 miles away where we will camp for the last time. After that we will just be a stones throw from the end of our ride. This ride has been nothing but inspiring from the day we began. Mark and I had a conversation today about the power that we have as a country. We fully believe that if we come together as one on any issues we may be facing that we will overcome them. The biggest step, is being able to recognize and agree on the problems. We are an amazing species, and have overcome so many issues in the past, it’s time that we start uniting and solving these problems, because we have the capacity to overcome anything.

Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours.



Roy, our amazing host in Williamsburg.


What a lot of our ride looked like today.


A pier on the pond that we got to paddle on


Peggy and Ted, our great hosts in Hustle

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2 Responses to Back in the saddle!

  1. Shannon Watkins says:

    You guys should TOTALLY stay in Virginia. We need someone to help us eat all this ham…

    I’ve been reading up, glad you guys had such success in D.C.!

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