We Pedal the Yorktown Parade!

Some days ago our good friend and media expert Jay Thompson (from Morro Bay) sends an email along suggesting we try to get in a local 4th of July parade. I have to admit that it seemed a bit far-fetched that we could pull that off on such late notice, but by the end of June Jay had us set to go in the Yorktown parade, and it was just up to us to be there on time and ready to go

. So we hit the local Dollar General store and bought some decor for the bikes, and headed back to our warm shower host Roy’s house to get the bikes ready. We bought pinwheels and flags and tinsel, and I bought a shark fin helmet ornament (Devon made himself a shark fin out of foam core and zip-tied it to his camelbak).

We awoke early and pedaled the 15 miles back from Williamsburg to Yorktown, and found our spot in the parade lineup. The cast of entries in the parade was pretty short; old cars, several dozen smartly dressed marching Marine cadets, a local gymnastics club, the Young Republicans and several others, so we didn’t feel too out of place.

The route itself was only a half mile long, so it seemed like it was over as quickly as it began, but we had a wonderful time! We pedaled very slowly and had a chance to pass out several dozen of our info cards and bracelets. I would ride up to a group on the curb and tell them we had ridden from Oregon to share what is happening to sharks, and boy, that really seemed to get their attention.

All in all, we connected with a ton of people in a very short time, and had a blast doing it. We spent the rest of our fourth pedaling the 15 back to Williamsburg, and then attending their festivities for the afternoon and evening. It has been a really fine Fourth of July for us. Hoping all of you had a great holiday as well!

Tomorrow we begin the last portion of this trip, the final 180 miles up to Washington DC where we are scheduled to meet with Lois Capps, our local congresswoman.


Working on our bike decor at Roy’s house.


We made four of these, two per bike.


Set to go at the beginning of the parade.


I’d say there were close to 1000 people along the route!


Me at the conclusion. You can’t really see the rubber shark fin glued to my helmet in this photo…..


Note the white, flak fin on Devon’s back.


A team of riders of a different sort brought up the rear of the parade.

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