A day in Yorktown

Howdy all,

Yesterday we spent a great day being tourists in the place where the revolutionary war ended. We walked around old battlefields, toured some beautiful colonial homes, and explored around the town. It’s really amazing to be here during this week, because as I’m sure you can imagine the Fourth of July is a really big deal here. The historical significance of this part of the country is extremely apparent, and it’s awesome to be in the place where our country was won.

It was also really amazing being off the bikes for a day. We hadn’t had a day off in two weeks, so to wake up and not have to put on our cycling clothing, or get on the bike, was a really different feeling. It’s weird to be at the “end” of our ride yet still have 3 days of riding before making it to DC, for me it gives me a nice thing to look forward to, and makes the end not so abrupt.

Today we are pedaling the 13 miles back to Williamsburg to hang out there for a couple of days before heading north to DC.

And I can’t forget, a huge thank you is due to our wonderful host here in Yorktown, John and Twyla. We were invited into their home, given a place to sleep, and even invited for dinner. It was a great place to end the TransAm, and another great showing of hospitality.

Check in tonight for more updates, and don’t stop spreading the word about sharks!

Stay well,


The home of Thomas Nelson, a signer of the declaration



Standing in front of the Victory Monument


Mark with his feet in the Atlantic!

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2 Responses to A day in Yorktown

  1. JayT says:

    What was the water temperature of the Atlantic?

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