A Sleepy Cyclist

Howdy all,

As much as I would love to post another great blog, I am going to try and keep it brief this time because it seems that sleep deprivation has finally caught up to me!

This morning we met with Mark’s friends Kate and Sandy, who treated us to breakfast! It was such a joy to be able to talk to some familiar people and to feel the support that both of them gave to our ride; it truly was one of the highlights of my trip. On top of the awesome support, they were also both river rafting guides, so we had a great conversation about rivers, which I have missed dearly while on this trip. Huge shout out to Kate and Sandy for an unbeatable start to our day!

After that, we pedaled out of Mechanicsville and onto Williamsburg. The ride today was basically flat, and we even got to ride on a bike path (which is a real treat for us touring cyclists!!). When we got into town we met up with Jim and Martha, our hosts for the night, who we found on www.warmshowers.org.  Martha made us an awesome pasta dinner, and then we went down to see the old state capital of Virginia, and some of the colonial buildings in the town. The history here is truly amazing. Another huge shout out is definitely deserved to our hosts, who totally made us feel welcomed, and offered us a bed to sleep in tonight. That’s something that I could not be more excited for.

So that was today. We are just about 15 miles from Yorktown and the Atlantic. It’s quite a bittersweet feeling to know that we will be at the ocean tomorrow. We’re leaving behind all the beautiful green countryside; but I am really looking forward to swimming in the Atlantic!

Sweet dreams!






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