Our Easiest Day Yet!

Last night was spent camped on the lawn outside the Fire Station in Mineral, Virginia. It was a VERY loud night as the station is situated immediately adjacent to,the train tracks, and several times in the night a train would THUNDER down the line and let loose on its horn at the precise moment when it was closest to our tents. Neither of us slept too well…

The day’s ride, however was wonderful. We pedaled 65 miles, but had our lightest climbing day of the trip, only 1,850′. The ride was essentially flat, and wound through farms and fields and through forests that defied capturing their beauty on film. At one point I said to Devon that “this place is like a giant golf course.” He said, “what place?” To which I replied, “All of Virginia!” And it’s true, the entire state, and for that matter you can throw in Kentucky too, is like one huge lawn with big patches of forest thrown in for some extra greenery. Both states are extraordinary, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to tour here (and by that I include by auto), then you really should add it to your life list.

So, we are camped tonight at a cycle friendly home of a fine gentleman named Trip. We connected with him through Adventure Cycling, and he was kind enough to set us up with showers and a camping spot under a tarp (there is high probability of rain forecast for the next four days…..). Trip also took us on a driving tour of some of the fine sights of nearby Richmond. He knows his city very well, and was clearly proud to share it with us. It was our pleasure to see it first hand!

Tomorrow we are off to Williamsburg, where we will spend one night. Then it is only 13 miles to Yorktown, technically the end of the TransAm, and the place where we will jump into the Atlantic!
I have mixed emotions about finishing this tour- more on that next time.

So, all is well. We are feeling fine, although perhaps a bit exhausted as we have cycled 12 days in a row now. Total mileage to date is 821.

One last thing! We have connected with Kate and Sandy Heavenric, dear friends from Cambria, who live within a few miles of here. We are meeting them tomorrow morning for breakfast! How fun is that!?


Our camp at the fire station in Mineral


Along the road today.


First time on the trip seeing these yellow lillies.


We took a break in Ashland today at mile 47. Not sure if they really mean this….


Virginia posts these signs to direct TransAm riders. They are invaluable as there are so many turns you have to make!


For all the open space in Virginia, there are very few horses. I don’t get it.


Our camp under the tarp at Trip’s.

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