Two Men, One Mountain.

Sorry everyone this blog was meant for yesterday but we didn’t have Internet! Enjoy! Ps we made it up!
Well, we have almost reached our final obstacle, a 2400′ mountain is the only real thing that lies between us and the Atlantic. We are camping at the base of this beast, and hope to get an early start in the morning to summit before the heat of the day. The first 3 miles are a nearly impossibly steep ascent, followed by continual, less steep climbing for another mile and a half. We have been told many times that this is probably the hardest climb on the whole TransAm but we are excited to finally be able to get up it!

Today, we rode into a little town named Vesuvius, a ride of close to 70 miles. Again, it was a great day of riding, the only drawback was a storm that blew in, but we managed to duck out of it. It was another hilly day but nothing more difficult than what we have been riding through.

My personal highlight of the day was an Arizona iced tea bought for me by Mark after he lost a bet. Mark really loves to see me do stupid things, so he is always betting me in order to see if I’ll do them. For example, last night at dinner he told me he would pay for my dinner if I stood on top of a chair and sang Italian music as loud as I could, I didn’t take him up on it. But earlier in the day yesterday, he bet me an Arizona that I couldn’t eat four inches of my subway sandwich in one bite. This bet I did take him up on, and it turns out I have a pretty big mouth, literally. So today I took him up on the Arizona and I seriously enjoyed it.

We are thoroughly enjoying Virginia so far, everyday I am blown away by the amount of forest I’m surrounded by and the beautiful roads we are pedaling on. Tomorrow we are off to Charlottesville, VA, home of The University of Virginia, a ride of about 60 miles! Wish us luck on the beast of a mountain tomorrow and we will let you know how it goes!

Many seek good nights and lose good days,







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6 Responses to Two Men, One Mountain.

  1. Kerry says:

    hope you guys made it up the mountain!

  2. JayT says:

    Devon, you’ll have to watch the cafeteria scene in “Animal House.” John Belishi sure could eat! Mark, check the map. I think there is a Cambria Va. In the vicinity!

  3. Kate Heavenrich says:

    Welcome Mark and Devon!!!! Our family lives outside Richmond, Va. If you need anything… We are here for you! We send our love and good cheer! The Heavenrich Family

    • Hi Kate and Sandy and Family!
      Wow, how exciting to hear from you! It is Friday evening and my buddy Devon ans I are camped in Mineral. We are heading for Mechanicsville tomorrow, and if you are free, we would love to meet up with you guys for pizza or something. My cell is (805) 909-2066.
      Give me a call if you get this in time.
      Best to all of you!
      Mark D

    • Dear Kate and Sandy,
      I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see and reconnect with you this morning. It truly has been the highlight of the trip. Sandy said, and I so agree, that we shared such a special period of our lives together, and it is friendships like that which are truly invaluable.

      We are in Williamsburg now. Had a good, rain-free day, and are staying with warm shower hosts jim and Martha.

      Will be in touch if anything goes south on us. And thank you again for breakfast!

      Much love,

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