Camping in Troutsville

It’s 10 pm here in Virginia, and I’m sitting in my little tent at the Troutsville town park. There’s a nice covered area not more than 20 feet from me with lights and picnic tables, but the mosquitos are so fierce that I had to take refuge inside the tent. It’s very hot tonight, and quite humid, but its a nice little park,and the guys across the street at the fire station let us shower and do laundry.

Today’s ride, and I know I’ve said this before, was superb. It turned out to be 72 miles, with about 4,200′ of climbing (which is a lot), but it was somehow pretty easy. It was definitely easier than yesterday’s ride, which was actually shorter with less climbing. Today we rode from Radford to Troutsville through the most lovely, verdant, fertile valley you can imagine. I’ll post some photos, but as is often the case with pictures, they don’t do it justice. The road flowed and snaked and banked and rose and fell, and the view was constantly changing. The farmhouses and small churches were clean and tidy and inviting, with no two being the same. Im a sucker for houses with great porches, and Virginia must have more than any place on Earth. It was just so much fun to pedal along and enjoy them. The climbs were pretty short, and there must have been more level pedaling because neither Devon nor I are too wiped out from it. It’s not too often after 60 miles of cycling that you don’t want it to end, but that is how today felt. I just tried to soak up and immerse myself in this valley and enjoy every mile of it.

Tomorrow we are headed to the town of Vesuvius, 67 miles east of here. The following morning we will depart Vesuvius, and attempt the biggest climb of the Appalachians; 2400′ in 4.5 miles. After that, it’s supposed to be easy sailing into Yorktown. Will keep you posted!

Had several more good conversations with folks along the way about our campaign. Special shout out to our waitress at Bella Pizza here in Troutsville. I hope you come to college in California!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Janet and Chuck for our wonderful warm shower stay with you last night!
Good night everyone!


Janet and Chuck, our wonderful warm Shower hosts in Redford.


The General Store in Catawba. We’re always looking for places to park our bikes. It’s harder than you would th ink because they’re so long!



Eastern Virginia is more ag, and less coal mining. Residents here are not so sure they like Mr. Obamas new regs on existing coal power plants…. What do you think?


An old log cabin, recently re-chinked, but in need of new doors.


This space-age bridge and the old barn and barnyard created this dichotomy.

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