Another great day!

Wow, today has been another amazing day here in the state of Virginia. I had a feeling that I was going to like this state, but so far I absolutely love it. The people are so friendly, the roads are great, the drivers are courteous, and I just get a really good vibe.
We started off the morning over in Rural Retreat, after breakfast we set out for what we thought was going to be a pretty easy 55 miles. For the past few days we have been going over huge passes, followed by long descents and generally flat riding in between the passes. With the long descents and flats, our legs had plenty of time to recover, but today was very different. Most of the ride today was continual hill after hill, even though they were relatively small, our legs never really had a chance to recover before the next hill came around the bend. So what we thought would be an easy ride ended up being probably more difficult than our other days. Even with the challenges, the ride was still gorgeous and really enjoyable.
A couple of days ago I went on a cyclist forum called warm showers, which is basically a website that gives contact information for people who are willing to host cyclist, I found a host from Radford and called them up and they said that we were more than welcome to stay with them for a night. Today,We arrived in our destination, Radford and rode over to Chuck and Janet’s (warm showers hosts) beautiful home, and immediately felt so welcomed. We had dinner, did our laundry, talked about places they have to see when they visit California, and just had an overall great evening. All that we expected was to be able to pitch a tent on the lawn, so to receive all of this, plus a bed and some great conversations made for some real enjoyment. This is just another act of kindness people have sent our way, that really has made our trip so amazing.
We are now just over a week away from arriving to the Atlantic Ocean at Yorktown, for me, two years and almost 3,000 miles will be under my belt, and Mark will have pedaled all the way across the United States. Needless to say we are quite excited for that moment. Everyday has been great, and this ride has proven to be quite the adventure.

Tomorrow we are off to Troutville, VA, a ride of about 60 miles so stay tuned for more updates!


Our hostel in Rural Retreat


Postcard worthy photo of Virginia countryside


An old wooden barn



Mark pedaling on a backcountry road

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2 Responses to Another great day!

  1. Sophie Pierszalowski says:

    Thank you guys for posting so diligently and for spreading this cause. I’m tied to my books here in grad school but I’m in full support and cyber-following you every step of the way!

    So much respect,

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