Feeling Good About Virginia!

Things are going so well for us here that I fear you are all getting bored with our posts.
So, here are some bad things that have happened:

It rained for a half hour two days ago and we got wet.
A pack of dogs tore out from a farmhouse on Friday and one of them slobbered on my leg as he tried to bite me.
There was no restaurant at the last place we stayed (the Methodist Church in Rosedale) and we had to scrounge food out of their pantry.
I never got to see the bear cub that Devon claims he saw.
Devon got some mosquito bites as he waited for me at the top of a hill.
There was no Internet at Troutdale, so we pedaled another 22 miles and are now at a free (and very comfortable I might add) hostel in a place called Rural Retreat.

That’s about it.

Now for the good things!
We rode along 80 miles of more extraordinarily beautiful Virginia countryside. It may have been more beautiful than the other days, it’s hard to say. But it was rolling and smooth and quiet and historic with huge fields of hay and old barns and even an enormous old church made from rough hewn logs. Today I saw a very old grist mill complete with a huge water wheel!
We did have a terrific day riding and we did tack on another 22 miles at the end. We also set a new climbing record for this trip (5535′), as there were several very large climbs. Funny thing is that just as we are getting strong enough to really handle these mountains, we are almost through them…
We also met some great people today- a young Portuguese couple celebrating their honeymoon by pedaling, are you ready for this? from Boston to Portland, and then all the way down to Patagonia!
Go Pedro and Sarah! Had a nice visit with Delmer at the the Konorock General Store. He is a classy 80 year old vet of the Korean War and was willing to share some of his memories of the 50 missions he flew while there. We also met a very cool AT through-hiker at Troutdale who was working at the hostel there. We were able to share our shark campaign with all of them, plus others. Essentially everyone we share with is appalled and supportive of our efforts.
This may sound corny, but when slogging up some beast of a hill I remind myself of our cause and it helps. So, we are doing very well, and are truly loving every minute of this tour.

We love you all and deeply appreciate all the support and well wishes you are sending.


The Welcome sign for cyclists at the Methodist church we stayed at.


A typical rural Virginia scene.


Sarah and Pedro, our friends from Portugal.



A beautiful old log cabin church!


The Virginia countryside.


We crossed the Appalachian Trail today. Here is the trail-marker.

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4 Responses to Feeling Good About Virginia!

  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love reading your blog and hearing about your wonderful adventures. Love you guys!!

  2. pedalaround says:

    Grace. Peace. Bicycle Grease.
    …….( )/ ( )

  3. Holly says:

    Devon is probably lying about the bear cub… hahaha! Just kidding. Total bummer you didn’t get to see it, Mark. Maybe you’ll see something even more amazing on your next ride. Keep up the awesome work guys! Miss you both. 🙂

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