What Goes Up Must Come Down

Howdy all! Tonight I’m blogging from the Elk Garden Methodist Church in Rosedale, VA. Today was another beast of a ride, only 50 miles but still over 3500 ft of climbing! It seems as if we haven’t had a flat section of road in days. We are always either going up or down, we climb for any where from a couple of seconds all the way up to 45 minutes, and then drop down the other side of the pass. On these steep mountain passes our average going up them is usually around 4 or 5 mph and when we descend we can get up to the high 30’s, talk about a huge difference. Today was very similar to yesterday, warm, humid, and hilly, but the scenery is stunning, and most of the roads we have been on are quiet and so picturesque. Today, I came around the bend and 50 yards in front of me there was a black bear cub, you can’t ask for any more than the natural beauty we have pedaled through on this trip.

The kindness of people has also been so amazing. Today I was biking up a pretty gnarly hill, about 100 ft from the top someone pulled up next to me and asked me what I liked to drink. When I got to the top of the hill he was standing outside a gas station with a Gatorade for me. I couldn’t thank him enough, and this has not been an isolated case. It’s amazing how the slightest gesture can make someone’s day, I don’t think people realize how much their actions can effect others. I have been on the receiving end of so many gestures this trip, that it is definitely time I pay it forward.

Anyways, my back is holding up pretty well, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself on this trip. Tomorrow we are headed for Troutdale, a little over 60 miles, with a couple of big passes to ascend, but nothing that we haven’t seen yet.

The shark talks are still going great, almost everyone we talk to is interested, and amazed that this practice is happening. Anyways, please keep following the blog, and spread the word about shark finning to everyone you can!

Much love,


Ps. If you have never seen fireflies, make sure you do at some point, they are so awesome.


Scene this morning at our campsite in Breaks.


Some of our first views of the Virginia country side


Beautiful home in Eastern Virginia



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