Today Somehow Tops Monday’s Ride!

We had a real nice layover in Berea yesterday. Window shopping, walking tour of the Berea campus, and some housekeeping chores. But we both agreed last night that we were eager to be pedaling again.
We left Berea around 8am under cool overcast skies. No threat of rain, just nice protection from the sun. We had looked at the profile on the map which shows the topography, and saw that there were 3 or 4 good climbs, but that they were 20 or so miles off. So we spun off down another glorious Kentucky road; smooth as a baby’s rear, quiet as a church, green as green has any right to be, and scattered with farmhouses, old barns, crooked old sheds, and the occasional barking yard dog. What made the first 30 miles so idyllic was that there were no hills to speak of, and that, well, it lasted for 30 miles! Some of the roads were barely wide enough for a single car to fit, but their narrowness didn’t matter because there were no cars on them. I think no more than 20 cars passed us today, and that was in 80 miles of cycling. Devon and I thought of all our cycling friends back home, and wished you could all have been there today. Truly, today was in the top three days of the entire TransAm route. Kentucky is a very, very beautiful state, and gets my vote for best cycling of any state.
So, we decided to extend the day a bit…… We had originally planned on staying in Booneville (yep, as in Daniel Boone), but we arrived there so early, around 3pm, that we decided to enjoy another 18 miles of late afternoon riding, and spend the night at the town of Buckhorn. So we are set up here at Buckhorn Campground. The last 18 were quite hilly, but still as smooth and quiet as ever. We both feel like we’re getting our cycling legs back, and I guess I have to finally admit it, but Devon is faster on the climbs than me. I did beat him up one hill, but that is only because his chain fell off and it took him 5 minutes to fix it. I seized my opportunity and kept on going…
So, the plan for tomorrow is to eat lunch in Hazard, then on to Hindman for the night.

Oh! We met another eastbound rider, Ivan. He is from Montreal, and has been on the TransAm since early April. We plan on riding with him tomorrow. Seems like a terrific guy!

Thanks to all at home for your well wishes and support. Please share our campaign with everyone you know, and remind them to visit the website and press the donate button!



Yvan, the biker from Montreal that we met




Mark riding on a beautiful KY road


A typical beautiful scene from the Kentucky country side

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One Response to Today Somehow Tops Monday’s Ride!

  1. JayT says:

    It’s so green. It’s almost tropical. One question. Have you seen much blue grass in the Bluegrass State?

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