The Adventure Continues!

Howdy all! We have successfully made it to Hindman, after an early morning start we made our way to Hazard for an interview with the Hazard Herald and a bite to eat. After that we continued riding onto Hindman, a ride of about 60 miles total. Today was quite hilly, we started off the morning with an 800 foot climb and that was just the beginning, we climbed about 3500 feet today, but I enjoyed every second of it. Riding on the TransAm is unlike anything else I’ve ever done, a huge part of the adventure is never knowing what is coming up, or where we are going to stay that night. When cycling at home it’s easy to get fixated on what is coming up, the next hill or road, but on this ride you don’t worry about that and it really gives you a chance to enjoy the ride. We are staying at a great little hostel tonight, that doubles as the Knotts county historical society. For a small fee we get a shower, dinner, breakfast, and a place to sleep, doesn’t get much better than that. Tomorrow we will hopefully enter Virginia and stay at Breaks state park! We love getting comments or emails from our readers, so please continue doing that! Cheers! Devon


A delicious sundae made by David, our host at the hostel tonight


Mark and I riding on a beautiful road in Kentucky


Our campsite last night in Buckhorn


Our stop at the Hazard Herald today!


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5 Responses to The Adventure Continues!

  1. wardgwilson says:

    Thanks for the daily updates and the photos. How’s the back, Devon?
    Ward Wilson

    • Hi Ward, Mark here. We’re both holding up well,mand Devonsn back seems fine. Had a bomber day today of 70 miles and 5100 feet of climbing. I think the engineers in Kentucky missed the lecture on switchbacks!

  2. Rashell Boyden says:

    Look forward to reading each post! Seems like you both are feeling well. No back issues Devon? Thank you for all the photos. My daughter asked, “Where are these pictures taken?” When I told her the United States she said, “We are so beautiful!”

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