One of the Finest Riding Days Ever!

Today ‘s ride from Harrodsburg to Berea was just about as good as cycling gets. It was a series of rolling hills with very few flat stretches, but except for two or three tough hills, the riding was like being on a 50 mile long gentle roller coaster. I may be exaggerating a bit, but it seemed like most of the climbs we were able to glide half way up using the momentum of the hill we just descended. So, it was easy and super fun riding, and on skinny little roads that were as smooth as glass. Now throw in that there was really NO traffic, and that the scenery was as pastoral and idyllic as you could imagine, and you have the perfect cycling day. It was just wonderful!
We had a chance to do an interview with the Harrodsburg Herald just before departing, and we hope it will run this week. Thanks Rianna!
We are now in the lovely little town of Berea, home of Berea College, and the many fine artisans the college produces. My understanding is that to graduate here, one must demonstrate proficiency in a local craft, and many of those pieces are now for sale in the shops scattered around town. We plan on taking a zero day tomorrow, as there is lots to see here, and lots of folks to share our shark story with.
It’s 10 pm, and there is a big lightening storm going on! We are staying at a hostel, so are under cover for the night.
Here are some photos from today…









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4 Responses to One of the Finest Riding Days Ever!

  1. JayT says:

    Thanks for posting the photos. Is it humid there? And have you met any Kentucky colonels? If you do, find out how they got their stripes!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. Spencer Young and family are following you and inspired by your adventure. Haveagreat day tomorrow and thank you for the photos.

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