Movin’ and a shakin’

Howdy all! We’ve made it to Harrodsburg, KY, a town notorious for its shaker community. We started off this morning in Bardstown and headed East through rural Kentucky. On our way we stopped at an old Lincoln museum where Thomas Lincoln, Abrahams dad, grew up, it was a nice break and a cool piece of history. As we continued we were greeted with a reminder of just how much more difficult riding with a trailer can be. We started out the morning thinking there was going to be a town to stop and get lunch a little over halfway, but when we pulled in everything was closed, so we were forced onward. We rode over 50 miles (may not seem like much but with a trailer that’s a long haul) without any resupply on food or water, so by the time we found a place to stop Mark and I were both starving. We got some sandwiches and ice creams from a small little convenient store and then pedaled our last 5 miles into Harrodsburg. According to our maps the closest campground was about 4 miles out of town so we decided to ask around if anyone knew where we could camp. By pure luck we met someone who gave us permission to camp at old Fort Harrod state park for free! So after we got all showered and presentable we went into town and ate at a nice Mexican restaurant. When we were there a pretty big thunderstorm rolled in, so we waited for a break in the rain and darted back to camp. So now it’s 830 and Mark and I are in our tents, with the sound of rain drops on our tent and thunder in the distance. So far the ride is going great, people seem super receptive to our cause, and the hospitality of people has been astounding.Tomorrow we are off to Berea, a ride of about 50 miles. Pictures of today will be posted soon!

As our pal Kirk would say,
Grace, Peace, and Bicycle Grease!



The cabin where Thomas Lincoln grew up.


Holly and Sarah, two riders from New York we met today on their way to San Francisco


Kentucky’s definition of congested is a little different than California’s


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One Response to Movin’ and a shakin’

  1. pedalaround says:

    Glad to hear all is well. Berea is a great little town with a lot of history. The college campus is beautiful. Lots of friendly people there. East of Berea you should prepare for the shock of mountain top removal and some depressed areas as you move into Appalachia. Some incredibly resillient communities.

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