Camping in Bardstown

Hello everyone! We are camping tonight at a lovely little campground here in Bardstown, Kentucky. Our day began with a terrific breakfast prepared by our good friend Kirk, and the a short drive to the bike shop (Bardstown Cyclery) to pick up our bikes and trailers (huge thank you to Desiree and Steve at the bike shop for their help and support!). We pedaled back to Kirk’s house, and made final preparations to hit the road. We finally did that, departing around 1 pm, and enjoying an escort out of town by Kirk and Janet (a good friend and fellow cyclist of Kirk’s).

The ride to Bardstown (famous for its bourbon breweries) totaled about 50 miles, and was really beautiful. Rolling hills, lush, verdant green pastures, and tidy, well-kept homes. Drivers were really courteous, which was really appreciated as much of the road was without shoulder, and to make matters worse, had a rumble strip for most of it.
It felt good to be cycling finally, after so much time spent in airports.
Had the opportunity to share our campaign for sharks with a few people today. It’s a long, slow process teaching folks about the devastation sharks are experiencing. But every mind we touch gets us that much closer to enough people understanding and caring. I continue to believe that this problem can be solved if enough people get involved. Please do all you can from wherever you are to talk to people.
Tomorrow we are off to Harrodsburg, about 45 miles east. Will post photos soon!

Our two good friends, Kirk and Janet on our way out of Louisville.


Steve and Desiree from Bardstown cyclery who gracefully built up our bikes after we shipped them.


Devon riding out of our campsite at My Old Kentucky Home State Park.


Not so true anymore..

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2 Responses to Camping in Bardstown

  1. Barb East says:

    Mark and Devon shared their campaign message with me and I will pay it forward. Good luck guys, pedal safe and arrive sound,

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