Made it to Louisville!

Howdy all! I am happy to let you all know that we made it to Louisville! After a seven hour delay in Little Rock, Arkansas our plane finally arrived and we were on the way to Louisville! We landed here at about quarter to seven and met up with some awesome people. A couple of weeks ago we got a comment from someone who saw us last year on our ride last year here in Louisville and they were interested in meeting up! Over the past couple weeks I’ve been in contact with Ward and Kirk, two awesome cyclist here in Louisville who agreed to pick us up from the airport. On top of this they showed us all over Louisville, and Kirk even agreed to put us up for the night, talk about hospitality. When we got off the plane we dropped our bags at Kirks and went out to dinner at an awesome Irish pub with Kirk, Ward, and another cyclist, Jeffrey. After that we went to this great ice cream parlor. Everyone was such great company, and in such support of our cause, it was such an amazing way to start this trip. Even after everything we went through with getting here today, I can say that this was one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a long time. The hospitality of Kirk is absolutely amazing, it blows me away that he opens up his house to total strangers and treats us like family. Kirk is a huge proponent of cycling here in Louisville, and writes a really awesome blog, you should all check it out at

It’s only day one and we already have met some awesome people, and had some great conversations about sharks. Someone said something today after we were talking about sharks that I thought was worth sharing. He said that the ocean is just like s big puzzle, and when its all put together it works, but as soon as we start jumbling the pieces up, it takes a lot of work to put it back together. Just got me to thinking, we may not know why the ecosystem works, or why the puzzle fits but we can’t go jumbling the pieces, and expect nothing to go wrong. This has already started as a great journey and I can’t wait for the rest of this epic adventure ahead of us. Tomorrow we are off to Bardstown, KY a ride of about 50 miles. Kirk and Jeffrey will accompany us at least part way! Look for a new blog tomorrow!

Hakuna Matata,




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One Response to Made it to Louisville!

  1. Kathy Myers says:

    Congrats on the arrival and tour de Louisville! We’re reading this while touring Paris. The world is an interesting place! Have fun and spread the word!

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