Stuck Between a Little Rock and a Hard Place

OK, so were getting the bad luck out of the way all on the first day.  We flew out of Ontario Airport on time, and got to Houston around 5 am as planned.  Dorked around the terminal for 3 hours and boarded our little 60 seater bound for Louisville.  All is good, although we smelled an “exhausty” sort of smell about a half hour into the flight.

Devon and I both fell asleep, and were awakened by an announcement to prepare to land.  
Really?!  I didnt think I had slept that long!  But, wow, cool!  But no……we are then notified that, well, yes we are landing, but not in Louisville, but in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It seems the smell/smoke in the cabin was cause to make this unscheduled landing.
Long story short, we have been sitting in this terminal for the last 4 hours, and are now hoping that the plane that is supposedly on its way from Chicago to rescue us will arrive soon (sounds like some damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor to show up).
Starting to think we may be here for the night.  But hey, could be worse.  We could be stuck in Ontario.  At least this airport has humans and restaurants that stay open past 4 pm.
Will keep you posted.
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One Response to Stuck Between a Little Rock and a Hard Place

  1. JayT says:

    The closest I’ve been to Arkansas is a snow globe. But I’ve interviewed people on the phone from the Natural State, and their voices made them sound like some of the most real people out there. (Whatever that means.)

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