World’s Deadest Airport

OK, so I just spent a couple of non-stop days with family at Disneyland and California Adventures, and that may have something to do with my impression of the Ontario International Airport, but this place is quieter than my classroom on a Sunday morning in July.

I arrived around noon, and was faced with the prospect of a 12 hour wait until our midnight flight.  Devon is scheduled to arrive around 7pm, but that still gave me seven hours.  So I took a look up and down the place, and quickly sized up that the entire place was occupied by me and three other people.  Aren’t airports supposed to be crammed with frantic travelers?  People desperate to check their bags, pick up their kids, find their terminal or get their boarding pass?  This place had NONE of those. There were a few rows of those black vinyl airport chairs, you know the ones that are always filled with businessmen or mothers with their sleeping (or screaming) kids.  Well, every seat was empty.  I had my pick.  There was room to give even my yellow bag it’s own chair.  So I sat there for a while, then decided to check my big bag and get my boarding pass and then go through security upstairs and hopefully find a restaurant or something.  No go.  Can’t check in this early.  Do you have a place I can store my bag for a few hours, so I don’t have to lug it everywhere?  No, sir, no lockers here since 911.  You could check it through security and take it upstairs though, then just bring it back down and check it here a few hours before your flight.

So I drag it upstairs, take off my shoes to go through security, and there is a problem with my big bag and the scanner.  Do you have a knife or something in here, they ask?  Well, yes actually, I have a tiny little scissors in with my bath stuff.  Shall I take it out?

if you want to go through security , well have to throw it away……sorry.

So, I head back down the stairs to the dead zone, and take my pick of empty black seats.  I watch the guy restock the vending machine, and sit down to contemplate the next 11 hours.  I fall asleep for a few minutes, then am awakened when -it must be!  Some passengers coalesce at the baggage claim, talking and laughing loudly.  I still have nine and a half hours, but get a brilliant idea….. I’ll jump one of the hotel shuttles into town and see what I can find.

It worked!  I’m now sitting at a Quiznos, which isn’t so bad.  Will probably head back to the world’s deadest airport around dusk.  I think they’re scheduled to wax the floors tonight and I don’t want to miss that!



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2 Responses to World’s Deadest Airport

  1. JayT says:

    We flew back to SLO from Washington, D.C. on a Saturday. Talk about dead! We watched the sun rise at National. But there was a problem. The pilot scheduled to fly our flight had logged too many hours the day before. So they had a plane but no pilot. That set in motion a scenario not unlike yours. Long story short, we spent the day flying to Phoenix. I remember watching the sun set through the PHX airport. We opted to give up our seats (for travel vouchers) so we spent the night courtesy of the airline. Feel your pain on the dullness of airports … Good luck on the ride!

  2. Rashell says:

    Well, perhaps a quiet start to an exciting adventure… So happy Devon is feeling much better and able to ride. That is great news!

    It was awesome to see you, meet Devon, and the rest of the Spinning team. So glad Mom and I were able to lend our support and celebrate all the hard work you and your team have accomplished. Oh, and to see your family was such a treat.

    Looking forward to the next post!

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