I’m in!

Howdy all, Devon here. If you have yet to read our last blog post then I’ll update you real quick. I hurt my back pretty bad last week; it was a combination of several things but the last straw was moving some heavy boxes I had lying around the house. I went to pick something up and bam, my back seized.  I couldn’t even stand up for several hours and the first thing that came to my mind was this ride. Months of preparation and training, all to get injured, not good, not good at all. Over the past week I have spent hours at 4 different doctors offices, stretching on my own, and “taking it easy.” The doctors gave me a 50/50 chance, and said Monday I should have a good idea of how I’ll feel. The weekend I saw some pretty stark improvements, but was still hesitant about doing a 3 week bike ride. So Sunday rolls around and I’m feeling better, still not 100%, but to the point where every step doesn’t send a searing pain from the top of my hips down my calf. For those of you who know me, I’m a pretty active guy, so being basically bedridden from Wednesday to Sunday was torture, especially with finals this week, and no way to release my stress. So by Sunday night I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to go. I hopped on my bike at about 8pm and started riding, it felt so good to be outside, and moving as fast as I was. My back felt alright, I describe it to people as no longer painful, but still uncomfortable. After I got going I couldn’t stop.The sunset was gorgeous. How could I miss countless beautiful sunsets on this ride? I kept riding and riding, until about 10pm. I got back and I was still doing okay, not comfortable but bearable. But could my body withstand 3 weeks of this? I still didn’t know. The deciding factor came yesterday, after talking with one of my best friends and fellow cyclist , Aliyah, for over an hour about my options. I realized that I can’t miss out on this adventure. If I didn’t go on this thing I would forever wonder if I could have done it. Yes, there is some chance I may get a week in and have something go wrong, but I think that risk is always there, and figuring out what to do is all part of the grand adventure. I think my back will be fine, and some discomfort is so worth the fun I will have on this ride. So I will be joining Mark this summer, and I’m confident this is the right decision. All that stands between me and the ride is two finals, one which is in about 20 minutes. But I didn’t want the readers to worry, so I decided letting you know was more important than studying (Sorry Mom and Dad). Anyways, all jokes aside, I can’t wait for this adventure to begin… And I appreciate everyone’s support!
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