Last Minute Prep and Some Heavy News…

It is Sunday morning, June 9, and I’m making the final preparations for the last leg of this cross-country bicycle journey.  The bikes and trailers have been packed and shipped (thanks again to the truly fine people at Arts Cyclery in San Luis Obispo), and will be arriving in Louisville in a couple days.  
I’ve done all my packing, and, as with any traveller who aspires to be a minimalist, I am concerned that I’m taking too much.  Sleeping gear like tent, pad, bag and pillow (actually a down sweater that doubles as a pillow) are essential.  It’s the clothing, first aid gear, and bike repair stuff that still needs more scrutiny.  After a life of backpacking, it is difficult to remember that I am not heading off into the wilderness as I cycle; there are stores everywhere along the way.  I probably have too much packed….
Here comes the bomb…. Devon has hurt his back, and there is some chance he may not be able to ride.  He injured it last week lifting a heavy box, and is told he has a pinched disc.  Doctors tell him there is a 50-50 chance he will be recovered in time to get on the bike by Friday.  He is crushed by this, and all the good vibes and love you all can send him will surely help.  He has put an enormous effort into planning this adventure, and is really struggling with this injury.  I believe he will be OK – he is young and strong and very fit.  Still, as for myself, I am trying to wrap my head around the possibility that I will be doing this alone.  I rode the Montana to Colorado leg solo, and told myself that I would ride by myself again if necessary, but that it is surely better to have a companion.  Devon is an amazing companion, friend and cyclist, and I will miss him dearly if he can’t make this trip.  
Endless thanks to my family here in Cambria, especially to Sally for her support for this cause and this ride.  I will blog again very soon, and promise to keep you posted on Devon.
Much love to everyone, and keep Devon in your heart.

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3 Responses to Last Minute Prep and Some Heavy News…

  1. Rashell says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news… sending lots of positive thoughts. Will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. pedalaround says:

    Looking forward to your arrival in Louisville. We’ll pick you up at the airport and tour around town on Friday. Later on, dinner at an authentic Irish pub in Crescent Hill. Maybe we can raise some funds Against Finning. On Saturday morning we’ll get you loaded with carbs and a bike escort on your way to Bardstown. Grace. Peace. Bicycle Grease. – Kirk

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