Hottest Day in Kentucky Since 1930….

Today has been one for the history books. It all started last night when we arrived in Marion, KY and went to a laundry mat to wash our clothes. When we got there we found that they didn’t have any laundry detergent so we decided to postpone until this morning. So we woke up bright and early and went to a gas station to get laundry detergent but all they had was dish soap so we settled for that. We went to the laundry mat and put our laundry in the machines and went to breakfast. After breakfast we get back and Mark’s machine is frozen and there is soap bubbling out the edges. When it finally finished his clothes were covered in soap and so we had to run his cycle again. I want to add that I warned him he put in too much soap and he sternly said “shut up Devon, I know what I’m doing,” so I backed off. (Yeah Right! More like Devon was exhorting me to put in the last 1/2 cup of soap from the container!)… So after about a 2 hour delay we hit the road at about 12. We had a beautiful ride with gentle rolling hills which was a great change from the really hilly days we’ve had the past couple days. We decided to shorten our day a little bit and shot for a town 70 miles from Marion. We arrived to our destination, Utica at about 8, where there is a fire department who puts up cyclists for free, which is very appreciated. Today we crossed over 1400 miles total for the trip and are about 110 miles outside of Louisville.
Tomorrow we leave the trans-am and start heading north towards Louisville. It’s amazing that this trip is already almost over, it has gone by so fast and has been so much fun. The people we have met have been truly awesome and I hope that we have made a difference, even if it’s a small one.


Lauren and Tyler- two westbound riders we met yesterday.


Probably not a good idea to put a cup of dish soap into a washing machine…


The Kentucky countryside is beautiful (but the air is so thick with moisture that it’s hard to breathe and look at the same time).

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One Response to Hottest Day in Kentucky Since 1930….

  1. JayT says:

    See if you guys can meet a Kentucky Colonel. It’s an organization in the Bluegrass State that promotes Kentucky! Maybe he or she will recommend you guys for membership! I’m pullin’ for y’all.

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