Attack of the Wiener Dogs!

This morning we left our penthouse apartment hostel in Farmington and got breakfast at a small café where we both got some of the best smoothies we have ever tasted, they were seriously amazing. We got a bit of a late start because Mark had to do his makeup for all the photos we took today, so we ended up hitting the road at about 12. We peddled out of Farmington and immediately felt pretty sluggish from the monster of a ride we did yesterday, but as the day went on this seemed to fade away. There was a chance of thunderstorms today, and when we left there were some dark looming clouds overhead, but luckily we dodged them all day.
The ride was very similar to the last few, very hilly, wooded, and beautiful. As Mark and I rode down a back country road all of a sudden these two wiener dogs came out of no where and start attacking us! Before I could even react one of the dogs was directly under me and before I knew it my trailer was running directly over the dog! Luckily, it didn’t hurt the dog and it just kept chasing right after us. As we rode away the owner of the two dogs, who had been yelling to stop the dogs the whole time yells to us ” have a good day!”, which we found pretty funny.
After that we went down this huge decent where we dropped into the Mississippi river valley, just miles from Illinois. We crossed over the Mississippi river and with that left Missouri behind and entered Illinois! The river was beautiful and we actually crossed at the site Louis and Clark camped in 1803! We arrived in Chester (also the place where the man who created Popeye was born) and found a free hostel for cyclists at the local Fraternal Order of the Eagles branch. We went and had pizza and are now watching a volleyball tournament rights outside our room for the night! Tomorrow we are on to Goreville, IL!



Our amazing accommodations in Farmington.


Our hostel in Chester.


Very similar vicious wiener dog!


The bridge that crosses the Mississippi River into Illinois.


Mark posing by the Illinois sign… (note the makeup)


Chester, Illinois…Home of Popeye!


No, this isn’t California…grapes in Missouri!

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