College Town to Small Town

Woke up this morning in the lounge of an athletic club and walked outside to a big change in the weather! It was cloudy and the wind was straight out of the east. We had probably our best breakfast yet at a nice small restaurant. We slept in a little today so we didn’t get on the road until about ten. We set off and immediately the wind proved to be the challenge of the day. The wind was directly in our face and was blowing anywhere from 5-15 mph. We found a way to manage the wind by alternating who rides in front and blocks the wind for the person behind, which really helped a lot. The first forty miles of the ride was very similar to the past couple of days, flat and monotonous. But when we were about 20 miles from our destination the landscape changed, it got much greener and there started to be some noticeable topography, hills and such. It was a very nice change. We got into Ness City and immediately hit the pool. When we got there I realized that Mark had had his shorts on inside out all day, and he had no idea, he’s obviously really conscious of maintaining his good looks.
It has been quite a shock for me coming from California to the great plains, not only in the landscapes but in the culture. People here are so trusting and so so friendly. The towns we are riding through are all very small and it is a very interesting contrast to the college community that I come from. People know pretty much everyone’s name and the lifestyle seems much more laid back than the hustle of college life. Almost everyone we meet is really interested in our ride, and is concerned about what is happening to our oceans, which really brings me hope. I think that the key to saving our planet is by spreading awareness, if people realize what is happening then change will come.


Precarious abandoned barn in Kansas


Change in scenery, finally some hills!


Mark hangin by the pool! (With shorts worn correctly)

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3 Responses to College Town to Small Town

  1. Holly says:

    They had slides!!!!???? Lucky!

  2. bah! Shorts inside out…that sounds like my dad!

  3. Jerry says:

    At the CLUB. I’ll be leaning to the right while I’m here. Nice meeting both of you today. Have a great trip.

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