Wind Does a 180

Had a good nights sleep under a tree in a small park in Tribune, and then we were back in the saddle again!
Today’s ride was our shortest yet, only 48 miles, but it was a doozy because of the wind. Last night the wind was straight out of the south at a steady 40 mph ( I’m not kidding, it was HOWLING)’ and this morning it had reversed and by 9AM was blowing an easy 45 out of the NNW. And it was that slight tilt from the west that saved our day, because it got behind us just enough to become a tailwind. Hooray for tailwinds!
The downside however is that every time a semi went by, it really rattled the bike, and when the truck was approaching, it was a face punch of solid air. We were very conscious of safety today, and as the drivers were very courteous, we had no really scary moments.
Arrived Scott City by noon, had some lunch and settled in at a cyclist hostel where we are spending the night, This town is cleaner than the others, and offers a bit more (restaurants, parks, etc.). Tomorrow we head to Ness City, and from there to Lander. All is well, looking forward to less windy conditions in the days ahead.
I’m including this link to Sylvia Earle’s TED talk on her wish for the oceans. It is so deeply felt, and so vitally important that we rise to this challenge of safeguarding life in the sea. I hope you can find time to listen to it.


Bits and pieces of old Kansas still remain, like this beautiful old barn near Modoc, Kansas.


A typical grain elevator. These things are HUGE, and are spaced about every 8 miles along the road. This is what much of Kansas looks like now. You can see them from miles away, like the Emerald City in Wizard of Oz…..


A grain silo went by on a truck! It looked like a giant cucumber!


Devon ordered a glass of milk with dinner, and they brought him this GIGANTIC mug with nearly a quart of milk in it!

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One Response to Wind Does a 180

  1. Debbie says:

    Devon, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!

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