The Dust Bowl Returneth!

This morning we were awakened by bird’s songs just as the sun came up. Those same birds took a liking to Marks bike, as they had pooped 4 or 5 times on the bike, including once on his water bottle. After we cleaned that mess up we had a great breakfast at a small restaurant in Eads, CO and were on the road by 8. We rode about ten miles until we got to Chivington, CO. The town had probably about ten houses and over half were abandoned. Over the past couple of days we have passed a ton of abandoned houses, and boarded up buildings which just adds to the depressed look of the area. We took several photos in a abandoned office of some sort, and they turned out great. After that we rode about another 20 miles to the small town of Sheridan Lake. We stopped in a small convenience store, that luckily had a deli where we got a couple of sandwiches for lunch. We started talking to the mom and daughter (Heidi and Morgan) who worked in the store and they were very enthusiastic about what we are doing, and Morgan had even watched the movie Shark Waters in school, which was great to hear! After we left Sheridan Lake we had about another 30 miles to reach our final destination, Tribune, KS. As we rode it seemed like every new scene we saw was the same as the last. We would come around a bend and would see a straight road for 15 miles or so, with several agriculture developments along the way. After riding for about 14 miles out of Sheridan Lake we crossed the boarder into Kansas, a very exciting occasion! We got into Tribune, our final destination for the day,and immediately stopped at the only restaurant in town (the burger barn) and ordered some fries. When we get our order we see that in Kansas an order of fries consist of about 8 fries, I kid you not 8 FRIES! When we left we were hit by a wind storm, with steady winds of about 30 mph, it looks like the dust bowl outside! Tonight we are staying at a “park” in Tribune and by park I mean dead grass, and trees about 5 ft high. Tomorrow our destination is Scott City about 45 miles from here, we are praying for these winds to die down before we head out in the morning. We will let you know how it goes!








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