Roasting with a Chance of a Tailwind

It was good to depart our (cheap) hotel Sunday morning. We had stayed at a Rodeway Inn located on a giant strip mall outside of Pueblo, and it was basically solid, uninterrupted concrete for as far as the eye could see. Good place to depart from!

By 11:00 AM we had 20 quick miles behind us, thanks mostly to a favorable tailwind and a high carb breakfast. By noon however, the temp had soared to……….. Well, according to the thermometer on my bike computer……….116 degrees! It didn’t feel that hot as it is very dry here,but it was still plenty hot!

We rode into the town of Ordway, for a total ride of about 70 miles. We were completely cooked when we arrived, but learned of a cyclist’s hostel just outside of town. Jillian, the owner gave us lodging, laundry, shower, and use of her kitchen, al for free! It was absolutely wonderful. We had a nice pizza dinner (that’s two nights in a row for pizza… often the only choice for vegetarians on the road) and watched game 3 of the NBA Finals.
I also wanted to pass on an interesting encounter we had with some very kind folks from the town of Olney Springs where we stopped for water. Our conversation turned to the crazy hot weather of late, and when I asked why they thought it was so hot, got this reply…… “well, all the planets are heating up you know, so it is no surprise that ours is as well”. I replied that I hadn’t heard that Venus and Mars were getting warmer too. I was encouraged to check out the “New Scientist” website.

So today, Monday, we got an early start, and had 41 miles in by 10 AM. We took a break in Haswell (see photo of Blake, going into 6th grade, and his mom Glenda) for a bite, and then pedaled off into the blast furnace (see also photo of thermometer on my cyclocomputer). We arrived Eads just at two, and jumped into the town pool ASAP! Spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to stay in the shade, and I am now sitting under a huge elm in the town park where cyclists camp for free.

The people of eastern Colorado are very friendly and gracious, including when driving. Many of them are already familiar with the problems in the ocean, including what is happening to sharks. It is encouraging that awareness is on the rise. Everyone we speak to is equally appalled at finning. Our hope is that they will educate others, and that some of them will make a donation to Spinning. But, Devon and I agreed today that awareness is the real key to solving this problem. Endless thanks to all our friends who are working to end finning.

Tomorrow we are off early again, destination is Tribune……which is in Kansas!







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