One crazy day!

What a day! We started off in Colorado Springs this morning and we had to get to Old Town Bike Shop in downtown Colorado Springs, about six miles away. So after breakfast we decided to walk to the bus stop which was only about a mile and a half. So we started walking down the road and we realize that a mile and a half is a LONG way when your carrying 25 pounds of gear in a duffle bag, it was quite the haul, but we made it (but not without Mark complaining every ten feet ).Then we stayed at the bike shop for about two hours just getting everything on our bike dialed in. John and Dave at Old Town bike shop were awesome and set our bikes up for free!! After we went to the bike shop we stopped in at this small coffee shop called the Coffee Exchange and met Sarah and Tony who were just awesome! And they made a delicious lunch and then gave it to us for free to support our cause! While we were in the coffee shop it just started POURING, so we were very thankful to miss that. It was about three by the time we got on the road and we had about 45 miles to go. So we take these small back country roads through some light rain and strong winds and arrive at this dirt road, the only way we can get to Pueblo. And that’s when the fun really began. We road on this dirt road for about 15 miles and it was really great. About 8 miles in I hear this skidding sound and I could barely peddle. So I stop and turn around and see the tire to my trailer ROLLING AWAY! It was nuts! But we got that all fixed and arrived to Pueblo at about 715! We got a room and went to this great pizza parlor and tomorrow we are off to Ordway CO about 55 miles from here! So hopefully it will be just as great as today!





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2 Responses to One crazy day!

  1. Don Volle says:

    Hey Mark and Devon. Sounds like fun! Wish I was with you guys! Hope you have a great ride tomorrow – and save some sharks along the way!

  2. Janice Rosner says:

    Good job, guys. I noticed that you have a photographer following your journey. Have you thought about putting a film together to enter into the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival ( Anyway, have a good ride, will follow the blog. Thanks for what you are doing. Janice Rosner

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