Made it to Colorado Springs!

OK, so we are here in Colorado Springs at this, well… hotel. It’s just that it took 5 (did you get that? FiVE) times for the guy to make the key open the door. I told Devon to book an inexpensive room, but this is ridiculous!
Our drive down to LA went smoothly though. That is we made it onto the plane before it took off. We had a bunch of traffic in Santa Barbara because there was a pretty gnarly wreck on the other side of the freeway. As we drove past, we saw a car sitting ON TOP of the car in front of it. I am not kidding, it was actually parked on top of the car it crashed into!
Then, we hit the LA traffic scene, and I’m pretty sure we could have ridden our bikes faster than the cars were moving. It was Dave’s driving that got us through what was a 50 mile long traffic mess.
But, as I said, we made it onto the plane before it took off down the runway. I’d say we
had a good 20 or 30 seconds to spare. Seriously, the only reason we made it was because the flight was late! But, it’s all good! We’re ready to start saving some sharks tomorrow as we get this show on the road!
Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and wonderful support!

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