One week to go!

We have only one week to to begin our ride, and to begin in earnest the task of protecting sharks. Our benefit concert was a great success! BIG thank you’s to all our friends who came through with music, food, ice, drinks, posters and pictures, and to Doug and Mitch from Mondo Cellars. It was a great day, and we look forward to doing it again next year.
So now I’m scrambling to get my stuff together for the ride, and Devon is studying like a crazy person for his finals! We fly out to Colorado Springs on Friday, and will start pedaling on Sunday. More to follow as we get closer to departure!

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One Response to One week to go!

  1. Don Volle says:

    Go Mark and Devon! It’s going to be a great adventure and I hope you will raise all kinds of awareness (and money!) to help protect our oceans!
    Don Volle

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