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Hey Everybody!

So this past week has been quite an exciting week of riding! On Sunday, I rolled out of Davis for about a 60 mile rile into the foothills, it was a beautiful sunny day, and quite an exciting ride. The first 15 miles or so were just getting out of the central valley but after that I was on a country road that went up some very steep climbs, I felt great and when I got to the top, the ride down was awesome! Then on Tuesday I went on another ride and had quite a scary experience! I was riding with one of my good friends, John, who has been riding for years. And we were going along this bike path side by side when all of a sudden there is this huge cloud of black in front of us. At this point it was too late to stop so we plowed directly through this cloud! I look down and am covered with BEES! And by covered I literally mean 30-40 bees on my legs, my arms, my jersey, my shoes, everywhere! It was actually quite a scary experience, but luckily they weren’t very aggressive so I only got stung three times! After that I went on to have an awesome ride! I logged a little over 100 miles this week, really starting to feel in shape and ready for the ride! We’re just about a month and a half out from the start of our ride and I can’t wait! ( I took this picture from Cantelow Rd, overlooking Vacaville and the central valley ) Image


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