Meet Devon

Hi all,

I thought with my first blog I could just tell everyone a little about myself and why this ride is important to me. My name is Devon Lambert and I am going to be riding on the ride this summer along with Mark. I am a 2011 PRHS graduate and am currently at UC Davis studying conservation biology. My passion for sharks started two years ago after watching the movie Sharkwater, a documentary explaining what is currently happening to sharks, since then I have been trying to help these beautiful animals in any way that I can. So, when Mark asked me last fall if I wanted to go on this ride, there was no way I could say no. Prior to this I wasn’t a cyclist, I didn’t even have a bike, but in the past four months all that has changed. I have been riding since December and I love it, and being able to ride in order to save these animals is a great privilege and I could not be more excited for the great memories ahead.

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One Response to Meet Devon

  1. Miranda Colvin Lewis says:

    Just read your blog to everyone here in wiggins. Great job and hope you enjoy your trip.

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