This year, Spinning to End Finning is excited to link up with new Southern Costa Rica non-profit ARCAE!! ARCAE stemmed out of Pretoma and is focused on conservation and education in Southern Costa Rica’s rural coastal communities. 

Researching marine wildlife populations, working with local schools and communities, and striving to connect fishermen to conservation opportunities are just a few of the very important and necessary things that ARCAE is taking on. Please, visit their blog and learn more about this awesome organization!!

ARCAE blog

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2 Responses to ARCAE

  1. Andy Bystrom says:

    ARCAE is honored to partner with the Spinning to End Finning team. Count on us help with this year’s campaign in any way, shape, or form!
    You guys are a bunch of forward thinking, environmental stewards, and we look forward to working with you to protect the ocean environment and educate coastal community members on sustainable ways to use its resources. Here’s to a lot of awareness raised!!
    Andy Bystrom
    Executive Director—ARCAE

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