Over the Top and on to Guffey!





IIt’s lunchtime and I’m eating tamales at “Dorothy’s Handmade Tamales ” in Hartsel Colorado. I left Breckenridge at about 8 and began the climb up to the top of Hoosier Pass. It was 11 miles and about 2,000 feet to the summit. It was a beautiful morning and before I knew it,I was 3 miles from the top, so I just kept chugging and made the top
Hoosier is the highest point on the entire TransAm, so I lingered for quite a while taking photos and talking with people who stopped to enjoy the view. As always, I opened the topic of sharks, and again, as always found people to be disgusted and outraged. I gave out several cards, and expect some people will make a donation. I also met a gal at the bakery this morning who works in the capital with state government, and she promised to bring the topic up with aides to the governor! I told her how Hawaii had recently passed legislation to outlaw the possession of shark fins, and now other states must follow their lead.

So, I pushed off, and in 30 seconds was flying down the backside of Hoosier at 35mph. I made the 12 miles to Fairplay in less than 40 minutes (that’s cookin’ on a bike ). Made a brief stop in Fairplay, and continued on (18 miles ) to Hartsel, where I now sit, plucking out this blog. Along the way I met Erica and Tom (I think it was Tom, forgive me if I have that wrong). They are riding all the way across, and are planning on moving permanently to Portland. How many people do you know who have moved across the country, and did it by bike? Pretty darn cool! The other cool thing was that they had heard of me! “Oh, you’re you’re the shark Guy!” They had heard of the campaign from some other riders I had met back in Wyoming. Anyway, that was a first.
So, now I am sitting in Dorothy’s Tamales waiting for the weather to clear so I can ride the next 26 to Guffey, where I am told there are rustic accommodations to be had for $15 a night. Will try to keep you posted.

..:……I’m back. Several hours have gone by since Dorothy’s. I made the decision to press on, despite the threatening weather. It began to rain lightly, and then, after 10 miles or so,it got really black, with the occasional lightening bolt. Rain is one thing,but I really didn’t care to be electrocuted. ………. So I hopped the barb wire fence and set up my tent, figuring I would wait out the storm, or if necessary, spend the night right there.
I hung out for two hours, during which time the rain continued, but the lightning quit. I broke camp, and took off,determined to make Guffey by dark. The pedalling was slow for the first 12 miles,but then the road bent downhill, and the pace picked up.
I made Guffey around 8, soaked to the bone,only to find the hostel closed.
But, when I asked at the local bar if there was a place I might pitch my tent, one of the customers (there were 3 people in the place) said,”why don’t you just stay in my loft…………
So, to make a long story short. I crashed at Steve’s place and slept like a rock. It was such a kind act of genuine hospitality, that transformed my day from a soggy mess into a great end to an adventurous ride.

Tomorrow I’m off to Canon City, and depending on what I find there, I may keep going all the way to Pueblo. I passed the 1000 mile mark sometime on the way up Hoosier Pass,

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