On to Pueblo!


I got an early start out of Guffey,and had a really beautiful ride into Canon City. It was nearly all downhill, with no traffic and beautiful forest on either side. I made CC by mid morning and lingered for a while before making the decision to go on to Pueblo and finish the tour.
CC didn’t have a lot going on and there was no cell service, so I couldn’t stay connected, and that’s what made the decision easy.
So, got back on and travelled through some nice small towns for about 25 miles, and then came to a roadsign saying “Pueblo 27”. There was a gentle headwind, but it was mostly downhill, and I enjoyed every moment of those last miles. There were huge thunderheads looming to the west of me, and it seemed they were trying to catch me, but I seemed to be able to keep a mile or two ahead all day.
I made Pueblo about 7pm, a ride of 90 miles. Got a hotel, had a good dinner,and am looking forward to a good night’s rest.
My great hope is that we have succeeded in raising awareness and money on behalf of sharks and the ocean overall. Why does it matter if sharks disappear? After all,they are considered “enemies ” by many.
First, sharks have existed in their present form in the oceans for roughly 400 million years. Being the top predator in the ocean, and having occupied that role for so long, essentially all other creatures in the sea are adapted to their presence. If sharks were to disappear -and given the rate we are killing them, they will be within this decade- the populations and well-being of other creatures is also at risk. Sharks, it turns out, either directly or indirectly control the entire food web in the oceans. Their loss would be enormously disruptive, possibly catastrophic to the health of the ocean. Now,bear in mind that 71% of the surface of Earth is covered by ocean, and you quickly realize that OUR well-being is also at risk. Healthy oceans make Earth liveable; they stabilize climate, produce 75% of the oxygen we breathe, store vast amounts of carbon, and can provide humanity with millions of tons of food each year on a continuous basis if managed intelligently. That is what is at risk here,the existence of a group of animals that have controlled the oceans for an eternity, and the ability of humanity itself to survlve and prosper.
And then, of course there is the moral argument. What we are doing to sharks is DEEPLY immoral. It is cruel. It is wasteful. It is unsustainable. It is vicious. It is barbaric. Having spent the last 19 days cycling through countless enormous valleys in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado,and realizing that these same valleys once supported vast herds of bison, it didn’t take long to recognize that we are today doing the exact same thing to sharks. Who among us do not feel outrage and the deepest anger over what people did to the Buffalo? Will we allow sharks to become the bison of our generation? I pray not.

Please speak with your friends and family -and even people you don’t know, as I have done on this bike journey about what we must do to protect sharks, and why it matters that we do. Sharks are not our enemies. They did nothing to deserve what is happening to them.
Please help, and become part of the solution.

PS. Spinning to End Finning will continue to accept contributions on behalf of sharks through the month of August. After that I hope to keep this campaign energized with the help of my students at Paso Robles High School. I hope to keep blogging through the month.
Endless thanks to all who have been involved and contributed to this campaign.

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One Response to On to Pueblo!

  1. Gaylene says:

    Congrats Mr. D!!! Thank you for doing this…. for sharks worldwide! Can’t wait to hear more stories when I get back from Costa Rica. You, my friend, are awesome!

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