A Most Amazing Day!

I only pedalled 17 miles today, but in terms of making connections with people about sharks and the ocean in general, it was excellent.
Knowing I had a short day in terms of miles, I slept in at the Riverside Lodge hostel (great place) and got a late start. I took the bike path the 5 miles to Frisco, a really cool and friendly town.
When checking email, I had a letter from Allan in NY who heads a scuba club that does lots of conservation work, including protecting sharks. We are hoping to collaborate in the future, even perhaps having me travel to NY to address their group on sharks.
Next,I met Nancy and her husband and daughter Kelly and her friend Maria. Kelly and Maria are both studying marine science and conservation at the University of Miami in Florida. When they heard about our Spinning campaign, they immediately wanted to do a Spinning to End Finning campaign of their own in Florida! Which made me think this whole thing could really blossom if we gave it a little nudge.
So then I go into the barber shop we were in front of (seriously, I needed a haircut), and sit down for a trim. The stylist, Tina, was also really interested in the plight of sharks and in our efforts to protect them. When she finished my haircut, she say she’d like to make a donation, and then said, “I’d like to donate this haircut! That’s $20! How totally cool is that? So, I will donate $20 in her name.
And there were many others! Nikki at the Fireside Inn hostel where I am staying in Breckenridge, Chris at the Welcome Center, Debbie and Ira at the restaurant and others whose names I cannot remember. All were super interested and concerned and horrified at what is happening to these magnificent animals. As for me I am more hopeful and encouraged as each day goes by.

So, I had a wonderful day, and look forward to a layover day here in beautiful Breckenridge tomorrow.

I found a way to rubber band and velcro my Droid phone to the the handlebars of my bike, and so here I am on a fun little section of the bike path between Frisco and Breckenridge.

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