Major Culture Shock Today



I rode to Silverthorn, Colorado today, a really fun ride of about 57 miles. I met a large (31) group of westbound riders this morning. They were riding for Habitat for Humanity as part of their ” Bike and Build ” program. Each rider raises $4,000,which goes to Habitat, and then proceed to ride (on the very nice road bike Habitat gives them) from Virginia to San Francisco. Along the way they stop and donate their labor to construct low cost housing. It looked like a very cool program! Oh,and did I mention that all their gear is transported for them,and that almost all meals are provided?). Good program and a very worthy cause.
I have a Spinning to end Finning donation update. As of Tuesday, the 27th,we have raised $932! Thanks a ton to those who have contributed! And if you’ve been meaning to, but just haven’t gotten to it yet…………now would be a great time. Our unwritten goal has been to raise $3,000 or more. To contribute, go to the donate button and from there you can use a credit card or mail a check. All donations are tax deductible, and 100%,every penny raised goes to shark conservation.

The culture shock for me was arriving in Silverthorn. After spending two weeks traveling back roads through small town America, and becoming accustomed to lonely stretches of open highway, Silverthorn, with it’s traffiic,stoplights, and ENDLESS outlet stores was indeed a shocker. The people are great, and those I have shared the campaign with are behind it 100%. Being here reminds me that so much of what we have become is consumers, and in the end, that is what we must face, and ultimately change.

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2 Responses to Major Culture Shock Today

  1. Andy Bystrom says:

    Keep it goin’ Mark!! Pretoma is behind you 100%. It’s remarkable what your accomplishing.
    Good luck with Loveland Pass and the Continental Divide that now awaits you.

    • Hey Andy Good to hear from you and Thanks for the words of support and encouragement. The whole adventure has been really fun and I hope we raise lots more money. Gaylene is very excited to meet you guys this week. Keep in touch Mark

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