Great Ride and No Horseflies!





I had very fine ride today, and the dreaded horseflies from yesterday never showed up. Now it may be that they were taking a break today, or it may be that I had long sleeves and long pants,along with bug repellent on every square inch of exposed skin. In any case,they never materialized, and for that I am so grateful!
I got an early start and pedalled about 22 miles through the rolling sage and grasslands of “North Park “. There were so few cars that I was ably to enjoy the entire lane for a long ways – which was really nice. I took a short break in Rand then began a 10 mile, 800′ ascent. I felt strong today, and was able to move along at 6-7mph (compared to my more typical 4-5). After the summit -another crossing of the continental divide – I began a long,long descent,probably close to 20 miles. It was beautiful! Very much the Rocky Mountains. Tonight I am camped at a town called Hot Sulfur Springs, and indeed they are hot and smelly! But the soak felt terrific, and I feel ready for another 60 mile day (of mostly climbing ) Tuesday.
To everyone who is sending notes and wishing me well, I can”t tell you how much that means to me,and how much it is appreciated. You guys are all the best. I feel certain that we will eventually succeed in ending the slaughter of sharks- but it will take determination and persistence.

The one restaurant in this town is closing in 30 minutes, so I’d better go!

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One Response to Great Ride and No Horseflies!

  1. Janice Rosner says:

    Hi Mark,
    I guess this is better late than never. When we got back from Monterey I checked in on the site but then changed my email address as of July 1. Anyway, we have been thinking about you and wondering where you are, so now I know. I’m envious of your great adventure. I can’t wait to share your story and pics with Kai. I’ll get out a map and show him where you are. Anyway, we are really inspired by you and your activism. I just previewed another film the other night on sharks that is an entry to the festival. It was very hard to watch. Enjoy Colorado. Janice

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