Wow! Good day today, but it was a tough one. I only covered 50 miles, but there were endless hills,some small, and one 4 mile whopper.
I’m now in Walden, a cool little town of 850 people. I met some great people along the way today,including a family of 7 from Pennsylvania doing the entire Trans Am together. The dad (Denny) and daughter (Anna) were riding a tandem recumbent (a bicycle built for two where you are in a reclined position). I’ve never seen one of those!
I also met Jen and Ken, also on recumbents, who are riding to raise awareness for the national organ donor program. Great people! Jen had her pet Chihuahua in tow in a little carrier on her trailer! That was so cool to see; next time I’m bringing our Chihuahua, Puzzle!
There is a wonderful comaraderie (sp?) among cyclists on the Trans Am. We all stop and visit and share tips on restaurants, campgrounds, free showers, and all manner of info that could be useful to each other. It is also a perfect opportunity for me to tell people about the plight of sharks. I am encouraged as all want to know what is going on and are very supportive.

My hope is that they will make a contribution.

So here’s what happened to me the last 8 miles coming into Walden today. ………I had traveling companions! Yes,there were probably 20 or 30 at any given time,and they were all so friendly; even to the point that they wanted to land on me (which several succeeded in doing).

They were HORSEFLIES! Big ones!! Like the size of your thumbnail! And they were vicious and relentless and fast! And they flew circles around me and landed on my sunglasses and mirror and arms and legs whenever they could! My only defense was to try to outrun them, and I found that if I could go over about 18 MPH they couldn’t keep up, from 12 to 18 they swarmed me, and if I dropped below 10, they would land! So every time an incline was ahead. I would panic and do all I could to go fast! But on several hills I just couldn’t go that fast and………well, they did all they could to bite me. It was awful, and I fully expect to have nightmares tonight!
I’m camping at the city park tonight where I was assured the sprinklers would not come on……..
Tomorrow ‘s goal is the town of Hot Sulfur Springs where I am told there are, well, I guess that’s obvious.
Lastly, I have been searching for a piece of chocolate cake ever since my birthday (14th), and tonight I finally succeeded! I guess I got a little over-eager when I went to eat it………..

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2 Responses to Colorado!

  1. Jodi & Jonah (cayucos) says:

    You are a rock star.. We thank you on behalf of the sharks! Keep it up..and hope the choc cake was yummy! You deserve it! You are a hero!!!!! Thank you!

  2. I think Andy the Android needs to be trained for Horsefly zapping. Maybe he could say “droid” at such a high frequency that the flies would just go mad!

    Hahaha, great story, thanks for sharing!

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