Almost to Colorado!



I had a fairly leisurely day,leaving Rawlins around noon and heading off to Sinclair, and then on to Saratoga. I actuality rode the interstate for an hour or so, but the shoulder was huge so it was very safe.
Saratoga was very nice! Tiny, but friendly and clean. I got there at about 3 pm, so I decided (that’s the thing about doing this solo this year, decisions are made quickly) to do laundry and eat, and then pedal another 18 miles to Riverside. So, I arrived Riverside at 7, just in time to jump in line at the town barbeque! It was great. I think the entire town was there. Later there is live music, so I’ll probably check it out.
The scenery changed today, becoming less “sagey “, and more pastoral. The valley here is blessed with the Platte River, which makes beautiful riparian corridors with cottonwood and willow.
I continue to feel fine, although it does take me w few miles to get going and find a rhythm. I rode 64 miles today, and the total so far is exactly 800.
I’m having a blast, dealing OK with the bouts of loneliness, and am grateful -hugely grateful – to my family and especially my awesome wife Sally,for their support and encouragement. I love and miss you guys!
PS. The second photo is a motel in Saratoga -a cool little town with what must be the ugliest motel in existence!

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