No Overcrowding Problem in Wyoming!


I pulled into Lander Thursday night and immediately joined up with a German guy named Phillip.

We had dinner at a nice nice spot and then camped at the city park. That worked out fine until the automatic sprinklers came on. Aughh!!!!! I had my rainfly set, but every 26 seconds it would rain on me.
I left Lander at 6:30 with hopes of making it all the way to Rawlins; a distance of 123 miles. I had bought some extra food and drinks because there’s basically nothing in between. So, the trailer weighed an additional 6 pounds or so. The first 40 miles were very hilly with a mild headwinds, but then it flattened out and the wind came around to be a tailwind. I had a snack at mile 60 at Jeffrey City with Carol and Dave (two retirees on a x-country journey), then got back on with sights set on “Muddy Gap” (which turned out to be just as romantic and beautiful as the name implies).
At this point I had done 83, and the roadsign said 44 to Rawlins. I had taken a good break and felt I could do the remaining miles if the wind would cooperate. It did cooperate, and I made Rawlins at 8pm – completely toasted, but happy to have made it. The total, by the time I found a motel was 130 miles, shattering my old trailer record of 95.u
Wyoming was vast and grand and uninterrupted by human settlement for miles. Not even a ranch or farm.for miles at a time. The landscape was beautiful with evidence everywhere that this area was once underwater. The mountains and hills were all stratified,with much of it folded and uplifted at crazy angles. It was beautiful to ride, although there was rarely a single tree to shade the way.
I had lots of opportunities to “talk shark” with people, and although many knew of the issue, just as many did not. Sharks are one type of fish which are being severely overfished, but there are MANY others, and they’re not all fish . As Dr. Sylvia Earle states in “The World is Blue “, “humans have drastically, if unwittingly,altered the fundamental nature of the sea by decimating the populations of fish, mammals, birds,turtles, lobsters, oysters, and other ocean wildlife “.
The sea is our life support system, and sharks play a vital role in it’s proper functioning; may we recognize that and correct our misdoings before the harm we do is irreparable.

PS. So sorry for the dorky typos in my blogs! My fingers are just too fat for this little keypad!

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