Big Storm, Very Wet!

Don’t quite know where the beautiful weather went, but it wasn’t in Wyoming! I left the Tetons around 10:30 in a light drizzle, and in 20 minutes time it was pouring. By that point I had on every piece of raingear I own, and was just grinding away with my head down. The raingear performed adequately, except for the gloves and booties. An hour into it my feet each had their own private swimming pool. ……
Pedalled along for an hour or so, then ducked into a cafe where I met up with Robyn and Nate, two mountain bikers I had met earlier. We hung at the cafe for an hour or so hoping the weather would break. It did let up and we slogged our way up a 20 mile mountain. We made the pass (9658′) and began a glorious descent that took me all the way to Dubois, which is where I am now. It’s still raining out there, and my hope of course is that it will be. better tomorrow. But hey, rain and wind are part of being in the mountains; it can’t be perfect all the time!

Wanted to thank Cambria Bicycle Outfitters once more for their support, and especially for the tune up they provided for my bike. I’ve had no troubles at all so far; the bike is working great. I too am feeling stronger by the day – just hoping that trend continues!
Sorry no photos today! Andy the Android phone was having a bad day and refused to take pictures when I wanted. ……..
Will hope for better cooperation tomorrow.
PS. Robyn and Nate split off about ten miles prior to Dubois.

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