Lounged Today in C o l t e r. Bay

Nothing too exciting happened today as I spent the day just lounging around. I did some reading, wrote in my journal and went for a scenic boat tour. It was a lovely day and it felt good to rest. At the same time I am eager to take off tomorrow and get closer to my destination.
Today gave me the opportunity to talk with lots of tourists and rangers about sharks, and came away thinking that they will contribute. Even if they don’t, we are inching closer to ending this terrible practice. I learned today that in Asia shark fin soup was only served at banquets and very special occasions because the fins were so difficult to obtain. This also explains its steep price. I’m reading Sylvia Earle’s book “The World is Blue.
Everyone please keep doing what you can to spread the word, and I’ll keep pedaling!

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One Response to Lounged Today in C o l t e r. Bay

  1. Kerry says:

    Miss you, Dad!

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