Short,easy day to Tetons




Today was an easy 40 miles from Grant’s Village to Coulter Bay. Met two riders at the campground and we shared road stories. They are both westbound. Next stop is Dubois, a 66 ride with another big pass.
Sorry if I haven’t been responding to comments, the web connections have been weak. Missing everyone a lot these last few days. All is well though. Have decided to stay another day here in Tetons.
Everyone I meet is supportive of our efforts to stop finning, although occaisionally someone blows me off as a “wacko”. I do my best to explain that the balance in the ocean will be irreparably lost if sharks are not present to. control the population of species below them. Beyond the science, finning is cruel and wasteful and utterly barbaric. We do not want this to be our legacy to future generations.

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2 Responses to Short,easy day to Tetons

  1. Deb Littlefiled says:

    Good morning Mark, I am loving reading your blog, and your pictures are beautiful! Have a great day on the road today.

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