Old. Faithful and a Single Wheeled Rider







Ate a nice breakfast and found Les at the local bike shop (who did a minor adjustment on my sniffers, them took off for Yellowstone. So I”m riding along, feelings good and enjoying the spectacular views, when I see a most unusual sight. It is another rider approaching (which isn’t that strange as there are quite a number of us out here),but this one is on a unicycle. Did you get that, he is on a UNICYCLE! His name is Sky Horne and he is pedalling cross country from. Virginia to Oregon!!! His unicycle has a BIG wheel (36 inch), a set of tiny handlebars and a hydraulic brake. It is a “fixie”, which means it only has one speed and you cannot coast (you getting this Dominik?). He covers 70 miles a day sand camps each night. Absolutely completely incredible. He was really interested in our campaign and offered to post a link to our website on his (thirtysixer.com/). Sky is a young Guy- early 20’s or so. I was inspired by him.
Spent a couple hours at the Old. Faithful Inn and got to see the geyser blow! then departed for Grant”s Village. The ride was gorgeous, and took me over the Continental Divide twice. Yellowstone is so amazing!!! Headed to the Tetons next.
Special hello to Toni, Johnny, Cristine and Gian in SD. Love to all.

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2 Responses to Old. Faithful and a Single Wheeled Rider

  1. Geoffrey Land says:

    Keep at it, Mark! Wish I was there to ride the Tetons with you. You rock, dude.

  2. peter dague says:

    we met and talked at yellowstone inn this suumer. i was the old guy doing the transam west to east, with my wife driving the sag. enjoyed your blog, especially since we were on the same route only a few days apart. was fun to compare your sights and experiences to mine. hope you had as wonderful of a trip as i did, and that the raise for your cause went well.


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