Saw a Bald Eagle today!




Today was another perfect cycling day, although I felt pretty tired as I rode. I think five days straight at 70 miles a day is catching up, so I”m going to do just 50 on Sunday and 40 on Monday.
I pedalled through the Madison River valley (which was gorgeous ),and then paralleled Earthquake Lake, and then Hegben Lake for about 30 miles. While skirting Hegben,I saw a bald eagle on her nest protecting her chicks. It was awesome to be only 30 or so feet away! I will post a photo, but it won”t do the moment justice.
I ate inch at a small cafe along the highway and was telling the owner (Brandy ) about our shark campaign. She was very supportive and told me a shocking, but relevant story. Buffalo in nearby Yellowstone are protected when they are in the park, .but if they “wander ” out, they can be hunted. It turns out that people were using helicopters (!) to scare them across the boundary and out of the park and directly into holding pens, eventually to BC slaughtered! ! According to Brandy the local fish and wildlife wardens were involved as well.! How messed up is that? Really makes you think about where your food is coming from………Turns out one local man spent 7 years making a film to expose this travesty, and just recently had it aired on TV. Hopefully that will cause an upwelling of outrage and bring it to an end. Lets see if together we can do the Same with shark f I n n I n g.

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2 Responses to Saw a Bald Eagle today!

  1. Shannon!! says:

    Remember the bald eagle we saw on that hike? So awesome!!

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