Montana is GIANT!






Made it to Dillon and stayed with new friends at the local KOA. It was a glorious ride with endless sweeping vistas of green floodplains with the snowcapped Bitterroot mountains and the continental divide . Two big climbs with even bigger descents on the other side.

Told lots of other people about the campaign today, including 3 ladies riding a 300 mile loop through central Montana. They were horrified to learn about what is happening to sharks…..
Friday I am shooting for Dennis or maybe Cameron, then on to West Yellowstone on Saturday.

Bike is working great (although I’m getting a flat e everyday ), and I am feeling fine. Will try to post more photos as I travel. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for your support and well-wishes, and a special thanks to Holly, Georgia, Shannon, the BBs, Shelby, Xue and all my friends back home for your help!

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One Response to Montana is GIANT!

  1. Dave Krause says:

    Hey Mark,
    Montana looks great! Wish we were pulling our trailer over those rodes and seeing the vistas.
    Just got back from a few days camping with Ken and Linda. Had a good time at a KOA south of Santa Cruz. Ken went surfing every morning early and we did a couple of bike rides. Met Summer for dinner at Moss Landing and visited her office. Ken and Linda went to the Watsonville farmers’ market with her yesterday.
    Working on house projects–drywalling the garage closet today.
    Hope your new seat is comfy.
    Keep pedaling!

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