Epic Day!




Had a great ride! I met a young guy-18 or so named Shay who was sweeping the walkway in front of a market in Hamilton
It turns out he rode all the way across the country last year! Now that is Epic!

My day went fine . I had a huge climb of about 3000 feet which took nearly three hours, but I was rewarded with 25 miles of gentle downhill. I ended up in Wisdom,Montana which is a quiet little spot. The only thing is that it is swarming with mosquito! The people here are really friendly- I like it here. I treated myself to a motel for the night.

Feeling fine overall so far. Have had lots of opportunities to discuss sharks with folks, and to my pleasant surprise, most already know of it. All are very supportive of our campaign. My hope is that enough people will translate that support into action.

Today’s goal is Dillon which is 66 miles and two big climbs east of here. Looking forward to fun day!

PS: this terrible photo is for my GEO students. …… this is Zion as seen from about 33000 feet! It was so awesome! The other pic is of downtown Wisdom.

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One Response to Epic Day!

  1. Andy Bystrom says:

    I’m listening to the radio interview right now. The whole initiative is fantastic and I can’t thank you enough for raising awareness on this issue. Pretoma also thanks you for your efforts. We’ll be following you the whole way Mark.

    –Andy (and the Pretoma staff in Costa Rica)

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