The Customer is ALWAYS Right!


We recently just discovered this website (Animal Welfare Institute) that has a list of  restaurants  that serve shark fin soup. If one is near you or a place that you’ve enjoyed a meal at, please contact them and ask that they take this barbaric dish off the menu! Remember…. the customer is always right!

See the List!


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2 Responses to The Customer is ALWAYS Right!

  1. Jodi Fisher says:

    Hello again..way to Mark!!! Great to see your journey (jonah loved your pix’s) and we are just going to keep THANKING you …. you are making a difference! Power of the people..just educating people and getting the word out! Thanks to Gaylene who posted the list of restaurants who serve shark.. I think as consumers it is our job to question where our food comes from (that is a whole other issue..hee, so many!). I think it is time time to make some phone calls and send some letters out.. ! Well Mark.. keep it up..! You are awesome!
    Jodi Fisher and family (cayucos)

    • Hi Jodi and Jonah and family! It is so great to hear from you all! And thank you for your encouragement and support. I like your idea of a letter writing campaign; perhaps we can get shark fin soup banned in California like recently happened in Hawaii. Would you guys have the time any energy to look into that? I am almost to Yellowstone, should be there by dinnertime. It truly means a lot getting notes from friend, thanks again! Mark

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